Training on Community Action on Alcohol Confirmed

The 3 day Local Training on Community Action on Alcohol will take place in Youghal , Listowel and Knocknahaeeney on the following dates;

Listowel : 4th May, 15th June, 7th Sept  (Prov)

Knocknahaeeny: 5thMay, 16th June, 8th Sept (Prov)

Youghal: 6th May, 17th June, 9th Spet (Prov)

Training Content:

  • General Alcohol Harms
  • Community Engagement
  • Developing a Baseline
  • Data Collection & Consulation methods
  • Hiden Harms
  •  Alcohol and Youth
  • Alcohol related brain Injury
  • Alcohol and Pregnancy
  • Alcohol Policy in Ireland
  • SRDTAF Alcohol Strategy
  • Localised Action Plans