Community Action Alcohol Plans SRDATF Area

Community Action on Alcohol Plans training was sought by Task Forces who completed the CAAP Pilot Project in 2015. The intention is to support local groups who would function at grass roots level in the community under the mentorship and with the support of their Drug & Alcohol Task Force.

CAAP V 2 is a 3-day intensive training & facilitation project which covers 3 main areas of Alcohol Harms, Community Engagement & Consultation and the Development of a Local Alcohol Action Plan. This plan would be based on translating the Task Force Alcohol Action Plan into a plan of Change Actions specific to that local community.

Identified Local Alcohol Fora are located in Listowel, Youghal & Knocknaheeny Cork City.

o   Listowel mentored and supported by Gordon Kingsley;

o   Youghal mentored and supported by Kate Gibney.

o   Knocknaheeny Cork City mentored and supported by Joe Kirby

The training will consist of teh following modules and will begin in May 2016 in all 3 sites;

  • Alcohol Harm Awareness
  • Attitudes to Alcohol
  • Community Engagement
  • Overview of Policy Context
  • Effective measures
  • Developing an Alcohol Action Plan

Launch date for teh first  Cork and Kerry Alcohol startegy will be announced shortly