Bandon Community Drugs Initiative

Room 6, Town Hall, North Main St., Bandon, Co. Cork

Community Drugs Worker: Linda McCarthy

Mob: 086 8251215

  • This Initiative aims to help and support people in the Bandon and surrounding area who are experiencing problems in their lives as a result of their alcohol and/or drug experimentation and misuse. The focus of the Project is on those people who are at ‘high risk’ of misusing, who are currently misusing and who are in need of support with their recovery from substance misuse.
  • Outreach and one to one support in a safe, confidential environment
  • Information, advice and support for both young people and their families
  • Assistance in accessing relevant referral services such as counselling, assessment, treatment, further education and training programmes
  • Ongoing support and continuing care for both the young person and their family as appropriate