Tabor Lodge

Tabor Lodge Addiction and Housing services Ltd.

Ballindeasing, Belgooly, Co. Cork


Tel: 021 4887110
Fax: 021 4887377

Services Provided:

  • Screening, Initial Assessment, Comprehensive Assessment Pre-treatment Programme.

Contact Admissions Manager: Katie Coughlan,

  • Tier 4 treatment Programme for addiction, in particular chemical dependency to alcohol and drugs.

Contact Programme Co-ordinator: Deirdre Creedon,

  • Aftercare Programme including Women’s Day Programme and Relapse Prevention Programme

Contact Aftercare Co-ordinator: Mary Carroll,

  • Family Programme (including information programme), La Verna Hall, Gratton street, Cork. 4 week, 12 week and 52 week information, support and personal development for family and concerned persons. Contact: Kathleen Greaney,