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Role of Drug & Alcohol Task Force Members

The Drug & Alcohol Task Forces are given a key role by the Government in responding to the substance misuse problem. Their composition reflects the need to ensure locally-based responses that complement existing or planned drug and alcohol programmes and services. In this context, the part played by individual Drug & Alcohol Task Force members in representing their particular agencies or sectors is pivotal to the success of the initiative and demands active participation in all the Drug & Alcohol Task Force’s work, including decision-making. The establishment of the DATFs gives the statutory, community and voluntary sectors, as well as public representatives, a unique opportunity to work together in preparing and implementing an integrated strategy to address the issues relating to drug and alcohol use & misuse. This requires the development of shared values, which promote co-operation and collaboration. For this to happen, however, it is important that all involved are clear as to their roles and responsibilities.

Membership of Southern Regional Drug & Alcohol Task Force.

Mr. Willie Collins – SRDATF Chairman.
Vacant, Community Sector – Kerry
Vacant – Community Sector – Kerry
Mr. John Fuller, Community Sector.
Vacant – Community Sector – Cork
Mr. Gavin Falk – Community Sector.
Ms. Nora O’Donovan, Community Sector.
Ms. Deirdre Kearin, Area Based Partnerships Management.
Vacant – City / County Development Boards
Vacant – Department of Education
Ms. Helena O’Sullivan, Department of Social Protection
D/Insp. Brian Goulding, An Garda Síochána.
Ms. Norma Keane, Probation Services.
Vacant – Revenue (Customs & Excise Division)
Ms. Ruth Griffin, E.T.B. (Vice Chairperson).
Vacant – Prison Services
Mr. David Lane, Health Service Executive.
Mr. Joe Kirby, Cork Local Drug & Alcohol Task Force.
Cllr. Kevin O’Keeffe, Public Representative.
Vacant, Public Representative.
Vacant, Public Representative.
Cllr. Aoife Thornton, Public Representatives.
Mr. Con Cremin, Talbot Grove Treatment Centre, Voluntary Sector.
Mr. Mick Devine, Tabor Lodge Treatment Centre, Voluntary Sector.
Mr. John O’Connor, Anchor Treatment Centre, Voluntary Sector.
Ms. Geraldine Ring, Matt Talbot Adolescent Service, Voluntary Sector.
Ms. Irene Mulcahy, YMCA Ireland – Voluntary Sector.
Mr. Chris Barrow, Kerry Life – Voluntary Sector.